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Can You Afford to Get Divorced? Can You Calculate the Costs?

A few days after we returned from our honeymoon my hubby and I stood in the kitchen having a half joking, half serious conversation about divorce. Yeah, really, one week after we were married we were already discussing divorce. Now, … Continue reading

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Dear Unborn Children, You Will Know You Are Blessed!!!

Dear Unborn Children, It is my plan that while you are growing up under our care you will have a comfortable life that is full of wonderful experiences and opportunities. We wish to provide you with a lifestyle that is … Continue reading

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Pray This Marriage Difficulty Prayer With Me…

Some of you may be asking God why we have to go through certain situations in our marriages. We get so caught up in the “why” and the “…but how long” of our situation that we forget that we need … Continue reading

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3 P’s of Marriage

Do any of you remember watching Sesame Street as a child? Well I do and one of my favorite parts of the show was “The Letter of the Day” segment. Usually this wasn’t just a segment but the theme for … Continue reading

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8 Topics to Discuss BEFORE Marriage

I was having a conversation with a friend a while back and he asked me how I knew I was ready to get married. I had to think about it for a while because I can honestly say I didn’t … Continue reading

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