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On March 27, 2010 I married my soul mate and the most wonderful man, whom I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My husband and I have known each other for more than half of our lives. We met when we were just 12 years old while my family was on vacation in his home town. Back then we became great friends who really enjoyed each 0thers’ company and conversation. At the age of 18, we both set off to the same University, finally placing us in the same city. Ahhhhh young love! Yeah, right! LOL! We broke up after the first year of college and went our separate ways for a while. Despite our separation, neither of us could deny that in our late teens we received validation from God that we were meant to be husband and wife. I know that’s really heavy but its very true. We again established a long distance relationship and finally, after college moved to the same city where we have been living and now living happily married ever since. We are abundantly blessed to have had the opportunity at a chance meeting so young in life and we are forever grateful to those who support and encourage our quest to obey God in the matters of marriage. Our one desire is to grown in God’s wisdom and His love as a married couple. We are definitely looking forward to this journey that we are on together.

That being said, I think I am a pretty good wife…despite that fact that I’m often too busy to cook, I neglect my husband when I’m stressed/working and sometimes I really just need some alone time. I’m often terrified because neither my husband nor myself have good examples we can follow in marriage. I think its important that we share with others what we feel makes a marriage successful. The Hubs and I feel very confident that with God’s help, our faith and the prayers of our family and friends that we will be successful at marriage. But hey, we’re trying to maneuver thought this marriage thing just like you guys are. Even though we have a great set of tools set forth for us in the Word of God, we are both going to make mistakes and encounter bumps in the road that I hope will only strengthen our marriage. I’m looking forward to growing very old with my Hubs and seeing how we mature as a married couple.


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  1. Mimi says:

    Your story sounds like ours. Marriage is indeed a set of ups and downs but so worth it. Five years in, some days I feel like we just took the leap. You have the right idea, keep God first and everything will work out just fine. Looking forward to reading more, I think it will rekindle my thoughts of marriage when we first started. I think that is a great thing!
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  2. larsinnh says:

    Great story! What a beautiful photo.
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  3. bossygirl1980 says:

    I love this! Me and my husband have been together for 11 years but married for the last 4…Marriage is a journey…Love this!

  4. Hillari says:

    I love hearing stories like this. I know a few married couples who've known each other since they were kids. A couple of friends of mine from high school have been together since we were all 14 and 15 years old. I saw them again when I attended a mini-holiday school reunion last year; they've been married over 20 years, have a few kids, and they're still going strong.

    My boxing coach and his wife met when they were 12 years old, and didn't begin dating until they were 16. There was a break-up, and they went their separate ways. His wife stayed in touch with his family, however. They reconnected years later, then finally got married. They have an 18 year old son.

  5. sherley says:

    If you haven't read or attend 5 Love Languages conference. It is great. I've been with my husband 17 years and we just celebrated our 9 wedding anniversary. We've been through college, grad school, college coaching, miscarriage, surgery unemployment, 3 moves and 2 wonderful girls. We walk through it all knowing this is it for us. I don't always like him but boy do I love this man. I too will pray for your marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing, most of the time :)
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    • The Student says:

      I have the book but my goodness I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to attend the conferences! I know that if God can take you through all of those things in marriage it is just more proof of his faithfulness. I love you Jesus! Congrats on 9 years of trusting and believing that God will never leave or forsake either of you. Blessings

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