365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 226-239)

About a week ago I was sitting at work writing my Ph.D. thesis and listening to Pandora. I know you guys know that feeling when you are listening to your Pandora station and they seem to be playing all of the right songs. Well that’s what it felt like for me, or maybe I am just severely missing my husband who is on a flight as I type this blog post to come back home and visit his wife for 3 weeks. My hubby is currently working in Saudi Arabia so we treasure those periods of time when he can come back home. Anyway, I’m getting off onto a tangent. Several songs were played that were so influential in our relationship. So, I’ve decided to share with you guys some songs that confirm the feelings I have for my husband are real…because some else had to feel these feelings too to even write this music. Now mind you, I’ve know my husband since we were preteens so this list that I’m going to share with you guys today is going to cover a lot of goodies that may have you reminiscing about your spouse. :) I hope you enjoy these musical selections and the reasons these songs mean so much to me (us).

Obviously music is very important to us. Here is a picture of my husband singing to me at out wedding reception surrounded by a room full of his frat brothers. I don’t know where the heck he got a microphone and in case any of you are wondering…no…my husband has absolutely no vocal skills whatsoever. Oh and what’s he singing…if I remember correctly it’s Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together.

The reason I married my husband is…

226. …Brian McKnight’s Crazy Love. This song came out the summer that we met (we were 12). We were crushing on each other quite a bit. I just remember I kept hearing this song over and over. That summer after I went back to my hometown he wrote me the sweetest love letter and wrong the words, “Crazy Love” at the bottom. I still have that letter to this day. He’s always had such a way with words that continue to melt my heart today.

227. …Eric Benet’s I Wanna Be Loved. This song is about taking a risk and putting your heart on the line. It’s about loving someone and wanting that love to be reciprocated. The love we share honestly never made sense. The majority of our relationship was spent in two separate cities. We’d been together on and off since high school and we often lost faith that we’d ever end up in the same city, so when he moved to Houston to allow his heart to take a chance on our love…I promised him he’d never regret it. Now, we’re loving one another faithfully and truthfully.

228. …Nivea’s 25 Reasons. Man this brings back so many memories! Okay so every word in this song applies to us, but when she mentions #12 when her man does not trip about her being in the studio late just replace that with my hubby not tripping when I’m in the laboratory doing experiments at 2 o’clock in the morning. Oh and change beef roast to pork chops. ;)

229. …Jill Scott’s He Loves Me. All I can say is he loves me especially different…and I’m glad he does.

230. …Teddy Pendergrass’ My Greatest Inspiration. I mean come on…obviously my husband inspires me…I wouldn’t be listing 365 reasons I married him. He builds me up….HIGHER!!!! RIP Teddy.

231. …Anita Baker’s Sweet Love. I feel no shame, I’m in love.

232. …Cee-Lo and Melanie Fiona’s I’m A Fool. I have been told on multiple occasions by loved ones that a woman should never trust her husband as much as I trust mine or give as much of their heart as I give to mine. First, let me say this…God, my Father, wouldn’t have it any other way. I am meant to have the world’s strongest connection with my husband, more so than any other human being on this earth. That being said, if you think I’m a fool for loving him the way that I do, remember this…I am free…my heart is not guarded…it belongs to him…my marriage does not have a plan B so I am putting every ounce of my love into it and living with no regrets. Baby you are just so rare they swear that you don’t exist! You’re the man among these other boys!

233. …The Whispers I’m Gonna Make You My Wife. My hubby used to sing this song to me long before we were married or even engaged. You wouldn’t believe how big I am smiling right now as I’m listening to this song.

234. …Gerald Levert’s Made To Love You. When we were younger and when he was still alive, I used to tease my husband that I was going to marry Gerald Levert. My husband is a small build guy so he’d say, “I don’t know what you want with me because I don’t look like a Teddy Bear.” LOL! Anyway, this song rings true because both of us belong that it was destiny for us to meet at such as young age, have a long distance relationship for years and then end up getting married. Also Gerald says something about the circumstance of life making the couple better suited for one another. Sometimes you have to go through some personal growth in order to be the best man or woman you can be for your partner. Boy oh boy…did we experience a lot of that too. Anyway…enjoy. RIP Gerald.

235. …Lauren Hill and D’Angelo’s Nothing Even Matters. His love makes me feel 10 feet tall…without it I go through withdraw.

236. …Luther Vandross’ I’d Rather. This song came out on the heels of one of our college break ups. Actually…it was the last time we broke up and we’ve been together ever since. Thanks Luther for helping us see the truth about our love and getting us back together. I’d still rather have bad times with my husband than good times with someone else. I’d rather be beside him in a storm than safe and warm by myself. I’d rather have hard times together than to have it easy apart. I’d rather have the one who holds my heart.

237. …Clint Black and Lisa Hartman’s When I Said I Do. I have always loved this song. First time I played it for hubby he loved it too. I think it might be the only country song he knows all the words to. When we said ‘I do’ we meant that ‘we will until the end of all time.’

238. …Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. When this song first came out along with the movie my hubby used to sing it all the time in his awful singing voice, but I am convinced he meant the words he sang to me. I wonder if this song is the reason why sometimes I wake up to him watching me sleeping. Used to creep me out, but I think he just love me. *shrugs*

239. …last, but certainly not least, Kenny Lattimore’s For You.¬†This was the first dance song at our wedding picked out by hubby himself. We took dance lessons for weeks learning a routine to this song and every time we listened to it we reflected on the journey we were about to begin with one another. Everything I do now makes sense and all roads end…everything I do is for him.

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8 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 226-239)

  1. nylse says:

    love the musical reasons…and i relate to trusting someone completely and people thinking you're a fool…you're not, but you know that already.

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  2. Sabinna says:

    I am not familiar with this but thanks a lot!
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  3. Tisha says:

    Thank you for sharing all the video in here..I love listening to the music..
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  4. Doane16 says:

    Marriage is not the same as eating all the delicious food then pull it out when you are already full, For me its the huge obligation in which need to think repeatedly because it’s a commitment.

  5. Ainna says:

    marriage is not a simple word..it is sacred..
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  6. Lucille says:

    Marriage is sacred among all of us, this is a commitment towards God that must take good care for all the miles…
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  7. Born25 says:

    In getting marriage, we really need to consider a million things in entering in this sacred obligation… This is not just a simple decision…
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