365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 190-197)

Hi guys and gals! Sorry I missed you over that Thanksgiving break, but I’m back with 7 more reasons I married my hubby so here goes. The reasons I married my husband is…

190. …I’d never considered the possibility of a man leading me until him. Before my husband, I was stubborn, bullheaded, guarded and a complete joy to be in a relationship with. These were all things I was taught to be because men are evil and will take advantage of you (or so I was told). I had never, and had I not come to know what the Word says about marriage, would never have consider following a man. Understanding God’s plan for marriage helped me not only to trust in God, but to trust in my husband’s leadership. That being said, in every sense of the word, I submit myself to my husband. I’ll follow him anywhere and I don’t mean on twitter. ;)

191. …because he invests so much into our marriage. On our last premarital counseling session I knew our lives as a couple would be forever changed. Once my husband learned what kind of husband that God would have him to be I knew that he would invest all of his efforts into being the type of husband that is pleasing to God. While there are times when he completely misses the mark, it is so easy to be patient with his shortcomings for two reasons: 1 – He has a heart that seeks God first. 2 – He acknowledges his shortcomings and searches for the lesson to be learned.

192. …he never boasts. I have never been attracted to a man who boasts. While many may not do it verbally, some do it by the way they dress or by acquiring “things” (i.e. cars, houses, jewelry) that they can show off to impress other people. My husband recognizes that just as fast as you can acquire wealth, it can be taken away. He knows there is a difference between sharing, through testimony, the blessings that God has bestowed and acting like the things you have acquired are by your actions alone.

193. …because he has high expectations of me. This one makes me a little emotional because it means more than I could ever express with words. You know that song by Marvin Sapp called The Best In Me. Well it’s about God being able to see the best qualities in a person and being able to draw those things out of us to utilize for his glory. There are times when I don’t believe in myself or my abilities, times when I am so tired, discouraged and broken that I literally don’t know how to pick up and start again (science/my job has a tendency to do that to you). My husband continually reminds me of who I am, but not just that, who I am as the women he chose to be his wife. He reminds me that he married a women who is strong, dedicated, confident and has an incredible work ethic. He refuses to let me get down on myself during my times of scientific failure. He truly sees the best in me, when I can only see the worst. His expectations are high, but not unreasonable. If I could thank him for being the cheerleader that he is, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I am grateful.

194. …because I can see God’s favor on his life. My husband is so blessed. I can see it every day. I can see it in the opportunities with which he is presented. I can see it in the goodness of the people he calls his friends and how much they love and look out for him. I can see it in his plans and how they just seem to come together so easily and effortlessly although I know he’s worked his butt off. I look at my husband and I am in awe of God’s grace because I can see what he’s doing in his life. I am more than honored to be a part of His will and his blessings.

195. …he doesn’t believe in celebrating certain accomplishments. So, I’m watching T.V. with my hubby and there are these kids talking about how they get money from their parents for getting A’s or B’s. Based on the grade the amount of money changes. My husband looks at me and says, “We will not be giving our children money for doing the things they are supposed to do in life.” We both agree that parents should praise their children and celebrate when they have done something out of the norm in terms of their academics, but to simply get money for getting good grades…ummmm….nope. Getting good grades is your job. You do not get awarded for doing your job. Win a merit scholarship or join an honor society and then we’ll celebrate, but not by giving our kids money.

196. …he’s a terrible liar. My husband believes greatly in the power of a women’s intuition. He fears it. He knows it can read right through him so…he just confesses. I’m like a detective or a prosecuting attorney…I can poke holes in any theory simple because of my training as a scientist. I am naturally inquisitive and have multiple ways of testing a hypothesis. At the end of the day…around me, the truth usually comes out.

197. …he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. No kidding! He’s really such a great guy. While I could say a lot of things about him (like every woman could about her hubby) that are less than nice, I won’t because the purpose of this 365 reasons exercise is to help me reflect on what makes my hubby extraordinary. He funny, kind, sweet and generous. All things I love about him make up for every shortcoming he has.

Missed a single reason I married my hubby? Check them out below…also, feel free to share with me and my readers why you married your hubby. Even if you aren’t married, begin praying that God is shaping the man that is to be your future hubby, and shaping you too, so that you are ready when he comes.

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4 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 190-197)

  1. I digs it. I also dig that pic. It literally says, "Sit tight; in the name of Jesus, I got you."

    Keep bringing it, "Sci".
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  3. These are all great reasons, but 192, 195, 196, & 197 struck me, and I, once again, chuckled aloud. My hubby is anything but boastful. He drives a modest Civic, dresses modestly, and is not into high-end labels. The only reason he'd ever buy a high-end label brand is if he knows it's of utmost quality and an actually GREAT product, not just "great" because a name is attached to the label. Both my hubby and I share the sentiments and values presented in 192 and 195.

    196 is hilarious because he really CANNOT lie… his facial expression, voice, and overall composure change drastically, and anyone can tell he's fibbing. Which, of course, is a good thing.
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