365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 176-182)

As most of my readers know, I began a year long testimony of God’s love and faithfulness in sending me the man he designed to be my husband. For those of you all who are stopping by for the first time I say welcome and I hope you are inspired to trust God to write your love story. I began this journey 26 weeks ago when I decided that I’d not only honor my husband, but also honor God by demonstrating that I appreciate even the smallest things He had in mind when he created my husband. I’m planning to list 365 reasons I married my husband. I’ll list 7 reasons, every Thursday which totals one reasons for each day of one calendar year. This week we hit the halfway mark which means we have 183 reasons or 26 more weeks to go. Creating this list has certainly been a challenge for me, not because there aren’t enough things to say about my husband, but because there are too many things that I could say about him. The fact that I could come up with possibly 1000 reasons I married my husband makes me feel abundantly blessed that God saw fit to join us together. Thank you Lord!

So moving right along…the reason I married my husband is…

176. …he pays attention to me. If we are out to dinner and his phone rings, he ignores it. He doesn’t constantly poking around on his iPhone but engages me in conversation. I love that he respects our time together and doesn’t let any distractions come between us.

177. …he’s always busy. I know that sounds strange, but it’s really not. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who has a lot more free time that you do, you can probably say that that put a lot of strain on the relationship. Someone probably felt neglected at some point. My husband and I are both busy people. He is trying to take advantage of career opportunities and I am trying to finished up a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology. We do make time for one another, but it’s nice that we have other things going on in our lives besides each other. Plus, I’ve never been attracted to men with too much idle time.

178. …I trust him to make decisions for us on his own. Guess what?!?! We’re moving and the timing couldn’t be more inconvenient because I am so busy with school lately. Hubby was charged with finding the place, checking it out and handling all of the negotiating while I was hard at work trying to understand the molecular mechanism behind FXTAS. My husband picked a great place that’s closer to work for both of us and I know I’m going to love living in our new place. I’m just so glad I married a man who was completely capable of taking care of all of the moving without any input from me. Good job Babe!

179. …he will never compromise his convictions. My husband really doesn’t have a grey area. To him, most things are black or white and right or wrong. He has the courage of his convictions because he fears the Lord. I don’t think any amount of money, fame or anything else could cause him to condone something that he knows in his heart is wrong.

180. …he loves me sacrificially. There is nothing in this world that my husband wouldn’t do for me or give up for my benefit. If I need it, I’ve got it and he doesn’t complain that he may have to go without in order to adequately provide for me. I’m not just talking about financially. I’m also talking about emotionally. My husband has had to give up his pride in order to become more vulnerable so that we can see eye to eye on certain subjects. He loves me in such a way that nothing comes before his wife, except his relationship with the Lord.

181. …he makes and effort to love me in my love language. As I’ve mentioned previously, we share a love language (quality time) which is a blessing. But, my primary love language is acts of service. My husband does so much to serve me and because of it I always feel loved. He provides for us, he picks up extra chores around the house when I am too busy with work and he makes sure all of our bills are paid on time. He does many things that I probably don’t even realize. Thank you hubby. If I don’t say it enough, I appreciate you.

182. …I believe everything he tells me. NO! Not like some foolish woman who falls for the okie doke! My husband has told me many things that he had planned to do and he has done all of them. When we were little he told me he was going to graduate from Howard University, he did. He told me he was going to become an engineer and he did. He told me he was going to marry me when we were teenagers…he did. He told me he was going to work hard to put us in a better financial position and all I have seen from him since we’ve gotten married is him working hard to put his plan into action. He does everything that he says he’s going to do and is definitely a man of his word.

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    Thanks for sharing some of you reasons in marrying your husband and I think that I will going to follow them in order to find better man.
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