365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 162-168)

The reason I married my husband is…

162. …he’s the only man for which I’d gladly fix a plate of food. When I was growing up, I was taught that a person should do things for themselves. I was taught that it was archaic and symbol of submission for a woman to serve her man. What I learned later on is that marriage is about service; service to God and service to your spouse. Marriage is also about being courteous and nice. I don’t have a problem making hubby a plate for three reasons (1) he make my plate all the time, (2) I like taking care of him and (3) I’m not afraid to submit to my husband (I’m afraid not to!). My husband has never once asked me to make his plate, but I always offer…I ask him to make mine all the time. Go figure.

163. …he trusts in the Lord. I can’t tell you what it has meant to have a spouse that will encourage you in your faith. When I’m feeling down and carrying a burden, hubby reminds me that what I lack is faith and trust in God. He reminds me that not only am I a continuous recipient of God’s grace, but that I also am highly favored. Thanks hubby for reminding me to trust in the Lord with all of my heart and to give my burdens to Him.

164. …he is not an advocate of wasting time. My husband probably has some of the best time management skills I’ve seen anyone display. Now, I don’t know from where he pick these skills up because he certainly didn’t have any in high school or college (that’s story in itself…oh the memories of me wanting to shake him are coming back). I attribute his new found sense of time management to manhood. I’ve literally watched hubby go from adolescence to adulthood and I now see a person who wants to make the most of his free time to be productive.

165. …he changed almost overnight. Sometimes women mature sooner than men and with that, we tend to be more certain about what we want and whom we want. There were signs of immaturity (carelessness with finances, late nights out in the nightclubs, your typical carefree college student mentality, etc…) on his part that told me that he wasn’t ready to be anybody’s husband…especially not mine. Once hubby moved to join me in Houston things changed rapidly and it was as if he began to personify 1 Corinthians 13:11. He became much more attentive and even took on husband responsibilities even though we weren’t even engaged (paying bills, auto repairs, spiritual leadership, etc). I prayed that God would develop my future husband so that he’d be ready when the time came. It seems like this light clicked on in hubby’s head and then he became the man that I knew God created for me. Most of all he’s becoming the man God wants him to be.

166. …I decided I could deal with his flaws. How many women marry a man with flaws or traits that she hopes will change some day? How many women marry a man and realize 7 years in that that bad habit he has is never going to change and there is nothing you can do about it, but it’s driving you crazy and you don’t think you can stand to be in this marriage anymore? It could be anything…he’s not affectionate enough, he doesn’t help with housework, he’s irresponsible with money, he doesn’t spend enough time with you. Before I decided to marry hubby I asked myself some honest questions: Can I accept this man for who he is? Is there anything I want to change about him? Do you think there is another man out there with whom you wouldn’t have to experience certain character flaws? Can I deal with certain character flaws until death…because I don’t believe in divorce? My husband has two character flaws that drive me batty and they are…he leaves his shoes all over the house and he’s always hot (so our house is always freezing). These aren’t really even flaws, but I’ve made a conscious decision not to let his inconsiderateness for my tripping over his shoes in the night or that fact that I am usually shivering with tons of blankets get in the way of our marriage. I find comfort in knowing exactly what to expect from my husband and he’s never shown me anything different.

167. …he gives me space. Space is oh so important to me because I my mother’s only child. Growing up, when I wanted to alone I simply went into a different room for some silence. I even had the luxury of going into my own bedroom and being left to read or watch tv or whatever, but I could spend some time alone. My husband grew up with a house full of people (mostly women) and is perfectly fine having someone around all of the time. Well that is not the case for me. Hubby is totally understanding of my need to have some me time and doesn’t take it personally. I like that we can be in separate rooms doing our own thing and not feel like one of us is ignoring the other. Everyone needs space and some couples are still trying to figure out how not to take this personally.

168. …his kisses. Enough said. ;)

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  2. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Oh this are great reasons to have married your man..your blog is too awesome lady!!

  3. Louise says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article.. I can't wait to apply it!
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  4. tracyann says:

    Lovely reason you have why you marry your husband. There are husbands that take good care of their wife even if they know that sometimes misunderstood come. I love the reasons you have shared. Hoping that if ever it comes a time that I will marry he may also have the reason to love me.
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