365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 148-154)

The reason I married my husband is…

148. …because I respect his opinion. While I definitely have my own opinion of everything, it’s sort of natural for me to defer things to my husband. I like to know what he thinks even if it’s about things he has no interest in like what color curtains we should get. I want to let him know that his opinion and his thoughts matter to me because he offers me the same courtesy.

149. …he respects my time. When we have to be somewhere all I have to do is tell hubby what time and he’s always ready. He’s never been late picking me up or even for a date when we were in the phase. I love the fact that he makes me feel like his top priority.

150. …he gives great advice. The only thing that makes my husband’s advice so great is that he actually follows his own advice. We’ve all had someone give us advice (like our girlfriends) that they themselves wouldn’t follow. I can greatly respect a person who follows his own advice.

151. …he can admit when he’s wrong. I love that he is not a stubborn, prideful and bullheaded man. Me on the other hand, at times I can be guilty of all 3 charges. I’m a work in progress.

152. …he’s not to proud to apologize, even if he’s not the one that’s wrong. The last argument that I had with my hubby (yes, we do argue sometimes) I had to apologize to him for my behavior. Something happened during that argument that changed the way we handle our disputes. He must have been reading my issue of Cosmopolitan or something because he actually apologized for the part he played in the argument. He repeated back to me what he thought I was feeling and then took the time to reflect on what he could have done better to handle the situation. Honestly, my behavior was quite reprehensible, but my hubby still found it in himself to accept responsibility for the part he played. A lot of his actions and his example has helped me to grow. Clearly, there are times when hubby is a lot more mature than me.

153. …he’s charitable. My husband has this occasional urge to purge. No, not like bulimia! I mean he regularly goes through his clothes and shoes to set a side things to donate to charity. I love that he thinks of others less fortunate and those that have experienced loss rather than just throwing his stuff in the garbage.

154. …he shares the remote control. I have dated guys in the past that literally would not let me touch the remote or change the stations on the car radio. My husband is not this way at all…unless he’s watching football of course. But, since the invention of the DVR he’s even calmed down on the hogging of the remote control during football season.

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7 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 148-154)

  1. bossygirl1980 says:

    I love this…whenever I read your reasons it makes me think about why I love my husband. It makes you remember all of the good things about your mate!!! Thanks chica!!
    xoxo BossyGirl

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  2. The remote is crucial! LOL Hubby hands me the remote and I'm always happy when he does. I've learned to patiently wait, unless one of my shows is on.
    My recent post Finance Friday: See No Evil

  3. Victoria says:

    I came across this blog via bloglovin' and I love it already! I think I will do the 365 reasons I married my husband too. Way to show the man how much you appreciate him. Love it.

  4. Anna says:

    Ah, what lovely reasons you have! OMG, I need to write a list like this too, just for reminding myself daily why I choose my Hubby. :)
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  5. IAAMM says:

    A great way to encourage a positive mindset! Great blogging!
    My recent post Missing the Magic

  6. RC Bays says:

    He gives up the remote control?? It must be love! :)

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