Dedicating This One to My Favorite Guy

A super duper long time ago, Charli, over at Man Wife and Dog Blog asked us wives to dedicate a song to our hubbies. Well, I know that she assigned this homework way back in April of 2011 and it’s not September 2011, but I hope she’ll accept late homework. In order to make up for the late homework I’ll include two songs. So here are my songs:

I chose this song because it perfectly describes the love I have for my husband. We know that God brought us together and because of that we can’t leave him out of the equation.

I chose this song because he’s heard it before and we both agree with each and and every word in this song. It’s beautiful!!!

Now, as far as his reaction goes…he will be very touched by the words, but as a general rule he doesn’t really like country music (I’m not sure the first one is really country though) so they won’t go on his favorite list. But, jut the same he’ll appreciate the dedication. Chante and Kenny Lattimore as well as Boyz to Men have remade the second song, but nothing tops this version. Love you hubster.

Sorry for the late homework Charli!!! :)


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5 Responses to Dedicating This One to My Favorite Guy

  1. TheProDiva says:

    Better late than never! I'm sure your hubby will be touched by these songs…country or otherwise!
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  2. How sweet! I have to think of what song I would dedicate to my hubby.
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  3. Wow this is very lovely song specially for those wife who loves their hubby so much and dedicate this song for him.

  4. I really like this video thanks for sharing with us…

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