365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 141-147)

The reason I married my husband is…

141. …because we agree our marriage will NEVER be 50/50. What does that even mean anyway? Does it mean that I am to give 100% to my marriage if and only if my husband is giving 100%? If our marriage were based off of some oversimplified and unrealistic mathematical principle of complete and total fairness then we would fail at marriage every single day. It is unrealistic to believe that a husband or wife is capable of contributing spiritually, physically and emotionally 100% of the time in a 50/50 manner to the marriage. If our marriage is to mirror Christ’s covenant with his church then we have to take fairness out of the equation. Was it fair for Christ to have to hung, bleed and died for our sins. No! And we didn’t and still don’t deserve what he did for us, but he did it anyway. We have to realize that Christ has nothing to do with 50/50. Imagine what trouble we’d be in if Christ only contributed his 50/50 if we contributed ours. We should remember this example when we think about what and how we contribute to our own marriages. As for hubby and I, we are simply committed to doing our personal best. Sometimes I may think he can do better and vice versa. But it’s at these times that we build each other up. It’s at these times our marriage has the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s covenant; at those times when we don’t deserve it.

142. …he’s not and never has been jealous of my male friends. Small fact about me. I get along better with guys. But, I’ve also always been the type of girl (and now wife) that knows how to put a cap on a friendship that threatens my marriage. I think this is why he has no worries that my having male friends pose any threat, because he knows I am just a protective of our marriage as he is.

143. …I’m not jealous of his female friends. My hubby has a lot female friends. I mean come on, he’s a very charming guy who is tons of fun to hang out with. All these friends are from college and I know most of them, but one of them he considers one of his best friends. I am okay with this because, their relationship has always been very open and respectful. The fact that neither he nor she have ever done anything remotely threatening to our relationship/marriage (no late night phone calls, no unnecessary favors and nothing disrespectful in general) demonstrates to me that she recognizes that he’s a happily married man. In fact, I like her a lot as well.

144. …he spoils me. Let’s just say what when you’re used to steak…I’d be pretty hard to go back to eating hamburger.

145. …he can stand up to me. Most days I have a very strong personality. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am an only child and sometimes I forget that compromise is necessary for the success of my marriage. I can be very matter of fact and speak without regard to how my word affect another person. I can be overly passionate about my cause. I am a work in progress, but what I like is that my husband is quick to put me in check when I’m wrong. I like that he doesn’t allow me or anyone to run over him.

146. …he can admit that he needs me. When I married my husband I committed to being his helper (Genesis 2:18) so not only does he need me as his helper, but I also provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for him that is essential this manhood. No other woman should believe him more than I do. No other woman should encourage him more than I do. I know he needs this support and encouragement that I freely give him, because he tells me so. I love that he needs me. I love even more that he trusts me to be there when he needs me. I love more than that that he can tell me that he needs me without feeling like less than a man. I need you too hubby!

147. …we both believe happiness is overrated. Hubby and I believe that happiness is based on conditions. We are happy when we have money, food, clothing, sex, etc… Realistically we know that all of those conditions can change in an instant and we wouldn’t be so happy, either together or apart, but we’d still have “joy”. This joy we have in the Lord is our strength. It is the thread that holds our marriage together. You can keep your conditions, we’ll keep our unchanging God, who’s unconditional love is constant.

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5 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 141-147)

  1. 50/50 is no where in our marriage either. We're in this 100%!
    My recent post Finance Friday: It’s Time for FINCON11!

  2. Darren Miller says:

    Hey Jocelyn ,

    Its funny, only yesterday my friends and I were talking about this. They all were given every excuse under the sun why they shouldn't get married, let me give you a few: divorce is expensive, I have to tie the knot. blah, blah. I know it is completely the apposite this is my opinion :

    Marriage is a promise to be together- we all know it wont be perfect "bloody hard," We will fight to make our marriage great, at your own standards. I feel marriage is a milestone into adulthood. Im sure there is lots more, but you have outlaid the main topics.

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  4. tracyann says:

    I do agree on some aspects you have shared some husband are very jealous on men friends because they think that you can be developed to them. Thanks for sharing another great reasons in your blog.
    My recent post בני ברוך

  5. Guest says:

    girl… you are LUCKY!

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