365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 134-140)

Guess what guys??? Other wives are jumping on the “reasons I married my hubby” bandwagon. My blogger and twitter buddy Briana over at 20 and Engaged: Life as a Newlywed Wife¬†blog wrote a wonderful list of 21 reasons she married her hubby as a tribute for his 21st birthday. What a wonderful way to say I love you on your hubby’s birthday, 1 reason for each year of his life. Kuddos Briana! Head on over to 20 and Engaged and check out this new wife’s reasons she married her hubby. You’re gonna love them and her blog!


The reason I married my hubby is…

134. …he lets me sleep. I had to borrow this one from Briana’s list because it is so true for us also. On occasion I have the capacity to be incredibly lazy. I promise you if I could I’d sleep all the time I probably would. I absolutely hate to have my sleep interrupted. When this happens the evidence is on my face for the next several hours. I can sleep at any hour of the day or night. I don’t even have to be sleepy to fall asleep. For me sleep is that peaceful time when relaxation takes place and my hubby totally respects that. Wifey needs her sleep! Well…more like my circadian rhythm is all screwed up. Now, I had to list this because my hubby rarely ever sleeps (no he’s not a vampire). I don’t know why, but he has a hard time falling asleep and maintaining sleep and as I’ve mention before he doesn’t do well with naps. Rather than making me suffer with him through his bouts of insomnia he let’s me get my rest. Thanks hubby!

135. …he’s a planner. To me there is nothing better than a man who takes initiative. Where it’s planning a romantic date or a vacation, I can completely trust him to make the evening/trip wonderful. I think this is definitely a quality some men lack…well…that’s what I hear anyway.

136. …he asks for my opinion. Usually my husband asks me my opinion about choosing new hair products like shampoo and skin care products. Why? Because he’s a guy and they try to put soap on everything. But he also asks my opinion about other things too like his choice of tennis shoes (as I write this hubby is currently on the floor scrolling though his iPhone looking at sneakers on Ebay), cars/motorcycles (I don’t really care about either, but I entertain him with my honest answer. Oh and hubby…you are not getting a motorcycle!) and music (he’s always trying to get me to listen to new music…I like my old school stuff!). When I think about it, my husband asks my opinion about most everything which let’s me know that he’s not only interested in what I think, but that he cares about what I think. This is especially true when it comes to financial decision and big ticket purchases, even though he’s the breadwinner in our home.

137. …he’s rarely ever in a bad mood. This should probably go on a list of reasons I admire my husband. He’s definitely an optimist and doesn’t let most things bother him. I’m learning so much about dealing with my own feelings and emotions from my husband. With me he’s the real him, but I love how he can put on a smile even if he’s crying on the inside. Having a husband with a stable mood is definitely a bonus!

138. …he has a mischievous grin. One word…SEXY!

139. …he doesn’t engage in that “The Real HU” garbage. My husband and I went to rival colleges. I graduated from Hampton University and he graduated from Howard University. People always assume we have some sort of petty battle where we challenge one another on which school is better or as HU alumni put it (both) which institution is “the real HU.” Hubby and I could care less. College was a period of our lives that we both enjoyed very much. We carry no hatred towards the other’s school, not even in jest. All we know is that whichever the real HU really is…both of them took our money and we’re still paying them back. Once you get that clear picture in your head, all you find yourself thinking is what’s real is those Sally Mae and US Dept. of Education bills that show up at your door every month.

140. …he’s opposed to the death penalty. I have very, very strong views against the death penalty and my hubby stands right beside me in support of the opinions I hold. We don’t believe that you can teach people that killing people is wrong by killing people. RIP Troy Davis!

I can’t believe we’ve made it all the way to 140 reasons. Only 225 more reasons to go. It’s been such an exciting journey and hubby has really appreciated my taking out the time to let him know all the reasons I appreciate him for who he is. Ladies, I encourage you to start a list of your own. I’ve you’ve missed any of my reasons thus far, check them out below! Blessings!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me! I'm going to work on 365 reasons for our one year anniversary :)
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  2. This is really a great tribute to your spouse and marriage. I might just start a list of my own and post it on the wall at home. ;)
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