365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 120-126)

The reason I married my husband is…

120. …he reads books. I’m a nerd so I’m attracted to nerd qualities in men. Now, by no means should man or any person who reads books be considered a nerd, but that’s just how society labels us so, let’s play ball! Currently my hubby is in the process of reading some books that I am totally NOT interested in (stuff about the economy, investing, commercial real estate, golf, business and the education/conditioning of black people), but I still think a man who reads is SEXY!!!

121. …he’s not lazy. My hubby is so NOT lazy that he makes me exhausted just watching him go through his daily routine. This man never sits down and when he does it’s never for long. I feel sorry for hubby though because on Sunday afternoons when I completely crash out after post-worship brunch he usually does laundry, cooks or cleans something because he can’t take naps. He’s never been able to take naps. He says it makes him feel lazy. Poor baby. I sleep for hours on Sundays after church…ah…the Sabbath. I love it!

122. …we discuss the sermon after church and throughout the week. Back when we were just dating and even when we were engaged, hubby and I went to church as regularly as our crazy schedules would permit. Afterwards we’d always find ourselves in deep discussion regarding the sermon and reminding one another to draw on the words of that sermon as we went through our week. This was the being of that feeling of spiritual intimacy I’ve blogged in a thank you letter to my husband. I knew he was concerned about my spiritual walk just as much as I was concerned for his. I wanted nothing more than to be with a man who would not have a problem with us holding each other accountable for our faith based commitments.

123. …he knows that God loves him. Without a doubt my hubby knows that God loves him and I’ll tell you how he came to that conclusion. No, it wasn’t Sunday school as a kid singing, “Jesus Love Me.” It is a real and continuous experience where hubby has to learn things the hard way (sometimes we all do). Proverbs 3:12 tells us that God disciplines those he loves. I won’t go into grand detail, but let’s just say that in high school, college and even as an adult hubby has come under the discipline and correction of the Lord. While I’m sure these times are painful, he understands that God is working in/on him and he appreciates that God loves him enough to make him a wiser man. I love watching him become the man that I am continuously praying God is molding him to be! Just remember hubby that sometimes in order for God to “make you” he has to “break you.”

124. …he teaches me the value of true friendship. My hubby has called me out on several occasions for not being a good friend (not to him, but to others). He might say something like, “If you were really his/her friend you’d be honest about…” or “If that were my friend I wouldn’t have let him or her do…” The problem used to be that I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but what I’ve learned from hubby is that friendship is honest, kind, doesn’t boast, it rejoices with others, it weeps with others, it uplifts, it is patient, it is not rude, it is not proud, it does not envy and it trusts. Come to think of it…friendship is a lot like love (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). Hubby is great at love; maybe that explains why hubby is so good at friendships. Hmmm…

125. …he has a go to bible verse when situations get overwhelming. Whenever something is happening and hubby can’t understand it or he’s spending a lot of time thinking about the whys or the why nots or the hows, he forces himself to snap out of it with his go to bible verse (Proverbs 3:5-6). He reminds me that sometimes we have to get out of God’s way. He reminds me that our ways are not God’s ways and that we simply need to trust what it is he is doing even when we don’t understand what he’s doing. He reminds me to let go and let God. He reminds me that we are simply His servants with a job to do….submit to His Will. He reminds me that we are everything God says we are. He reminds me that sometimes the battle is not mine to fight. He reminds me that God keeps his promises. He reminds me that faith is about trust. Thank you hubby for reminding me by the example of your faith.

126. …he credits me for the favor he receives from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor for the Lord.” He tells me that it was only because of God’s favor that he even has a wife (imagine that :) ).  Hubby feels that because of my daily attempt to honor and be obedient to both God and himself, he reaps the benefits of the Lord’s favor.  Think about it…if God shows me favor, and my hubby and I are one, doesn’t that mean that ultimately my husband receives favor as well?

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