365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 106-112)

The reason I married my husband is…

106. …the type of woman he’s attracted to makes me step my game up. When I met my husband I was 12 years old and we didn’t always date, but spent a long time as friends. What I learned from that friendship is that has never, I mean never, ever been attracted to women who have fake hair, fake nails, fake eyes (colored contacts), loud mouths, argumentative attitudes, friends who are always in their relationship business, no confidence, sleep around or who dress such that they leave nothing to the imagination. I know exactly what attracts my husband: a positive attitude, character, integrity, a quiet demeanor, a great smile, a hard worker, great communication skills, confidence and a sexy style that leaves much to the imagination. I know I fit most of these characteristics already which is why he chose me, but I still look for ways to enhance myself so I can continue to be the woman my husband is attracted to. Ugh! I so want to carry myself like Phylicia Rashad or Michele Obama when I grow up! ;)

107. …he’s not crazy about any particular celebrity. Ladies, have you ever ask your man if he had a chance to date a specific celebrity if he’d leave your butt out in cold? I know for a fact my ex-boyfriends would have done just that. One boyfriend would hush me up any time Mariah Carey was on TV. Another nearly fainted any time Beyonce was on the screen. While I’m not jealous of these women the actions of my ex-boyfriends could certainly make a woman feel like she’s not even second best, especially when they hardly ever paid me compliments of any kind. My hubby doesn’t buy into the whole celebrity thing. While he can definitely appreciate the physical attractiveness of a beautiful woman he’s always been more interested in personality.

108. …he has never asked me for money. I have known my husband for more than half of my life and he knows by now that if he needs it he can get whatever he wants from me. I’m not rolling in the dough or anything, but what I appreciate is that he has never taken advantage of the fact that I’d give him my last if he asked. The one time that I can think of that he did ask me for money was when we were in college and the reason that that time doesn’t count is because he paid me back 3 days later. I know plenty of women who are always “loaning” their man some money and they never see it or him again.

109. …he’s pretty independent. I’m always looking for ways to be a better help meet to my husband, but it’s hard because he’s so darn independent. He cooks his own food now that I’ve become a complete failure at being a wife due to my disdain for cooking. He does the laundry. He takes care of our vehicles. He handles his own dry cleaning. He gets up early every morning to go to work and on weekends to take care of errands. But I’ll tell you as busy as I am trying to finish up graduate school it’s kind of nice to have a husband who can take care of himself. I can’t wait until things in my life calm down, because truth be told I actually want to do stuff like pick up my husband’s dry cleaning or have dinner ready when he gets home from work.

110. …he always lets me have the direct middle seat at the movie theater. First, if you didn’t know all AMC theaters have $6/person tickets every day before noon so we usually frequent the Saturday morning shows. I have this small obsession (okay, it’s a pretty big deal) with being seated directly in the middle of the screen. When we get ready to take our seats hubby always let’s me choose which one I feel is in the direct middle before he takes his seat. What a sweet guy he is to deal with my quirks. :)

111. …we share a love language. Out of the 5 love languages (words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time and receiving gifts) the one we have in common is quality time. I of course have to put effort into making sure he feels loved in his other primary love language as he does the same for me, but it’s nice to have this one come naturally to both of us. We both feel secure in the fact that we’ll never have to beg, nag or hint that the other needs quality time because this is something we both need to feel loved.

112. …I like sex, A LOT. While I definitely would NOT say that I couldn’t control my sexual desires for my husband prior to marriage, I would say that I wasn’t always serious about my commitment to walk with God. As my relationship with my Savior grew I experienced the guilt that came with trying to be obedient to God, but still engaging in sexual sin. If you read last weeks’ reasons you’ll know the conviction I felt caused me to repent and live a life of celibacy until marriage. Despite making that decision the fact that I wanted to have sex (although I didn’t actually have sex after making this commitment) didn’t change. One day I was reading my bible when I came across 1 Corinthians 7:9 which says that rather than burning with passion a person should marry. Marriage protects you from sexual sin and now, finally, I can have all the sex I want with my hubby and God will actually be pleased rather than angered. I love being married!!!

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3 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 106-112)

  1. Nelson says:

    You were mad real on that last one. Go on with your bad self. Tell "Mr. Sci" aka "The Husband" I said hello.
    My recent post A Solid Godly Church: Hierarchy Fundamentals

  2. Hillari says:

    I really liked the one about he's never asked you for money. I had the misfortune of dating a guy who was always looking for funds. He once had the nerve to tell me, "As long as I owe you money, you'll never be broke", and laughed about it. He died a few years ago; he still owes me $200.00.

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