Review and Giveaway: The Power of Two Marriage Program

I was recently asked to write a review for Power of Two, an online marriage counseling and skills building program. In order to give my readers an adequate review I decided to take a few weeks to use the program for myself. What I found were several program features that completely set Power of Two apart from others services. For starters, the operation of the website and marriage counseling are federally funded by the United States Department of Health Services, Administration for Children and Families Grant 90-FE-0123 under their Healthy Marriages Initiative. I was most impressed by the fact that this wasn’t just some Joe Blow who decided to start a paid website, but a group of clinical psychologists who sat down and wrote a grant proposal that was peer reviewed before funding. As a scientist, I know how difficult the granting process can be and I also know that in order for The Power of Two to receive funding they had to come up with a definitive curriculum to benefit their users.

So what are the benefits to using Power of Two? Check out these program features below:

  • The program was founded by a mother and daughter team of clinical psychologists who are passionate about helping couples build strong marriages. They are Dr. Susan Heitler, author of several self help books and her daughter, Dr. Abigail Hirsch, co-author of the Power of Two Workbook and leader of the website’s online coaching team.
  • Power of Two offers an alternative to traditional counseling by hosting all skills building sessions and workshops online.
  • You can sign up alone, with your spouse using a joint account or each spouse individually using independent accounts.
  • Best of all, after signing up, each member is assigned a live marriage coach who you can email anytime, day or night with questions and concerns about your marriage, emergency help with communication or just a sympathetic ear to listen.
  • The entire program is focused on teaching and broadening a couples’ skills in communication, emotional regulation, collaborative decision making and positivity.
  • As you move through the program your coach will assign various workshops in the form of talking head videos, video excerpts from a live workshop, interactive activities (games & quizzes), worksheets, real world challenges and information on special topics. The best part is that these workshops are personalized based on the problems or concerns you are having in your marriage.
  • Once you have finished one set of suggested activities the coach assigns more skills building tasks based on your progress with the other tasks you’ve already been working on and what you two as a couple desire to work on next.
  • Power of Two offers an extensive library full of skills building exercises that focus on every area you could possibly think of such as: listening, effective dialogue, strategies for dealing with anger, conflict resolution, affair prevention and recovery, parenting and discipline strategies, sex, money and finances, in-laws and even domestic violence.
  • My absolute favorite component of the website is the cool down hotline you can call when you’ve had a heated argument with your spouse. This hotline walks you through steps to help collect your thoughts so that can prepare yourself to return to a more productive conversation with your spouse.
  • Some may find it more difficult to speak in person with a counselor or may even be met with opposition from their spouse to undergo traditional counseling due to privacy concerns. Rest assured, Power of Two is completely confidential.
  • As an added bonus, the skills building modules allow the user to work on their own schedule rather than having to attend timed, traditional therapy sessions. You, your spouse or both can check in as often as you like for new skill building modules and interactions with your marriage coach.
My Overall Reaction: I think this is a great program for dating, engaged and married couples. Building skills to handle difficulty in relationships is essential for the success of the relationship. I was very impressed with how interactive the program is and the speed with which you can get advice and skills updates from your coach. I got the sense that the program doesn’t just treat you like another user, but makes every attempt to ensure that you get a personalized experience. At a cost of $18/mo with no contract and ability to cancel at anytime, this program offers an incredible value. If you aren’t satisfied there is a 100% money back guarantee so you can’t go wrong. Imagine the amount of money you could spend sitting in hours of one on one or one on two counseling sessions. This is definitely a great option for those that can’t afford traditional counseling. Each user gets to “test drive” the program for free to see if they are satisfied. The program also regularly updates a blog (to which I subscribe) with lots of fun topics about marriage and relationships. If you like the blog you should definitely follow Power of Two on Twitter @po2marriage.
In order to get you started, Power of Two is offering the first 3 Science of Marriage Blog that sign up:
A free second month subscription to Power of Two!
2 free movie tickets to see the movie of your choice!
All you have to do is mention Science of Marriage Blog to your marriage coach after signing up. This is a great deal so, hurry on over to Power of Two and sign up today.
Disclaimer: The Science of Marriage Blog did not receive payment to run this review. 
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4 Responses to Review and Giveaway: The Power of Two Marriage Program

  1. Very interesting. A bit soon for me to climb on board with this but eventually….LOL
    My recent post Functional Masculinity (7 of 7: Summary)

  2. Sounds like an interesting program! Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post I've got an offer you can't refuse

  3. Abigail says:

    Thanks so much for your post –it's been great "meeting" your readers at Power of Two Online and getting to give away free membership months and/or movie tickets too :) . — Abigail and the Power of Two Team

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