365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 78-84)

The reason I married my husband is…

78. …he was miraculously cured of Neonitis. My then boyfriend, now husband, was once the victim of a debilitating disease known as Neonitis. It is an inflammatory disease that lingers long after Neo-year in a fraternity is complete. These Greeks suffer from a lifestyle where they feel obligated and/or inclined to continuously participate in fraternity antics that can totally destroy, corrupt and interfere with a romantic relationship. Worst of all, some Greeks will NEVER recover from Neonitis. Thank you God for curing my husband and I also thank you for this experience because without it…we might not be the couple we are today.

79. …he’s not afraid to tell me if my breath is a little tart. I like onions in my food, hubby does not. I like garlic in my food, hubby does not. I like ranch Doritos, hubby does not. I like ranch flavored Corn Nuts, hubby does not. I like pasta salad, hubby does not. Basically I like foods with flavorings that happen to make your breath smell after consumption and he’s not afraid to let me know (even though I usually immediately go and brush my teeth after eating these foods). SMH! I appreciate the honesty. :)

80. …he always suggests we pray after a heated argument. While I’ve been listing all the things that remind me why my hubby is the only one for me, let’s be real…we do bump heads from time to time. We’re far from perfect, but we do realize that prayer is essential for strengthening our marriage. These after argument prayers remind us to rely on Him for our strength, guidance and growth.

81. …he holds my hand when we cross the street. My hubby has a paternal/protective side that I see come out quite often. Okay…let’s be truthful, I can’t cross the street. Well I can, it’s just that when we’re together, I rely on him so much for his leadership that I’m rarely ever paying attention to if there are cars coming or not. Man, that’s so sad… Anyway, whenever we’re walking somewhere and we’re about to cross the street it’s almost second nature for my hubby to reach for my hand like a child and make sure I don’t end up roadkill. In my defense, when I’m alone, I can cross the street just fine. I always look both ways. :)

82. …he encourages me to do things that make me feel sexy. I work in a laboratory so most days I were jeans and a t-shirt, which worn daily can make a woman feel very frumpy, less than girly and some days just plain unattractive. I like to do things (pedicure, hairstyles, etc…) and wear things (Victoria’s Secret, cute shoes and modest Sunday church attire) that make me feel more attractive to my husband because he does the same for me. When I complained about feeling frumpy earlier this spring, hubby encouraged me to wear dresses on the weekends, which really helped me to feel a lot sexier. I look forward to wearing dresses on the weekends when I’m hanging out with my hubby…and he looks forward to seeing me in them.

83. …we easily came to an agreement regarding shared accounts. Prior to marriage hubby and I discussed how we should handle our money. Now I know that this can be a very sensitive subject for many, but it’s definitely one of about 8 things we discussed prior to marriage. All of our accounts are shared, meaning both names have been placed on all accounts, but because I can trust hubby to manage his money properly and vice versa, we still treat the accounts as if they are separate. I don’t check his balances and he doesn’t check mine although we both have full access. I like the feeling that we added each other on our accounts mostly as a “just in case you need money” type of thing.

84. …we don’t have secret accounts. I have been told by countless people that it’s a good idea to keep some money set aside that hubby doesn’t know anything about (I’d like to hear your thoughts!!!). Our feeling is that secrets between married couples about anything and especially about money are not good. We don’t have anything to hide from one another and we both feel secret accounts are like preparation for the end of a marriage…something we don’t plan on, so why plan to have a secret account?

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  1. Victoria says:

    In reference to #84. I thought that my hubby and I should share accounts but he doesn't agree. We don't have any secret accounts but he doesn't want to add me to his account and he doesn't want me to add him to mine. I'm not sure what that is about.
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