365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 71-77)

The reason I married my husband is…

71. …he has incredible discipline and willpower. When my hubby is trying to get in shape he can eat grilled chicken, green beans and brown rice for weeks. I absolutely am not be that disciplined when it comes to diet and exercise. The reason I married him is that I often see this discipline and willpower fall into other areas of his life such as saving and budgeting.

72. …he blesses his food before every meal. This always gets me, because while I love my Father and am thankful for everything he provides, sometimes I forget to say grace (I’m human). Hubby always remembers and he literally will grab my hand as I am putting that first bite of food into my mouth and start saying grace. I feel so terrible when I forget, but thankful that I have him to help me remember. It doesn’t matter if we’re at home or in a restaurant, hubby is always mindful of the good Lord and his provisions. The best part is that when I cook, he always adds in, “…bless the hands that prepared the food,” into his mealtime prayer. He’s such a sweetie.

73. …he looks me directly in the eye when he says, “I love you.” I knew from the first time he told me that he was sincere.

74. …before we were married and even now, he does random relationship health checks. Sometimes hubby will ask me how he’s doing in the area of meeting my love needs. I love this because it gives us both an opportunity to make sure that the other is feeling loved/respected and definitely enhances our communication. I feel comfortable enough to tell him areas where he’s slipping and praise him in the areas that I think he’s doing well.

75. …he takes my earrings out if I fall asleep  with them on. This started when we were in college. His place was always comfy and everyone who knows me knows I can fall asleep just about anywhere. I don’t know why he does it, but even still if I fall asleep in bed or on the couch with them on, he removes them. I love that he does this. I should ask him why he takes them out, they aren’t bothering me or anything. Hmmm…”Hubby…?”

76. …he won’t let me carry in the heavier groceries. I think hubby takes that “weaker vessel” think a little too literal. When we’re bringing in the groceries he always hands me the light stuff like cereal, toilet paper, rice, etc. He’s always in charge of the heavy stuff like can foods, milk jugs and laundry detergent. Still…I appreciate it because I know several men who don’t bother to help their wives bring in groceries at all.

77. …he refused to have any unrealistic or unmet expectations prior to marriage. After we got engaged and all while we were in premarital counseling, hubby consistently took out time to discuss our relationship and how things would change or transition after marriage. This let me know that he was really serious about this commitment and wanted to get as much as he could out into the open. The transition from single woman to submissive wife has been an easy one thanks to these conversations.

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2 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 71-77)

  1. Sweet. I LOVE the parts about him having discipline, and being CONSCIENTIOUS about loving you and his "Ephesians 5" principle…functional masculinity in the house. Tell Brother "Hubby" he gets my dapz.
    My recent post Functional Masculinity (7 of 7: Summary)

  2. #75 is one of my favorites you've posted so far. That's so sweet!
    My recent post I've got an offer you can't refuse

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