365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 64-70)

The reason I married my husband is…

64. …he’s not emotionally retarded. Come ladies…we all know we’ve dated at least one guy who couldn’t properly express their emotions or feelings with words so they opted to just be silent. And…I’m sure it drove you crazy because you never knew what they were thinking, felt totally disconnected and always frustrated. Not my hubby! I can still remember the first argument we ever had and I must say I was shocked that he was able to express in words how he was feeling and why he reacted the way he did to the situation in question. I was always told that men can’t properly express their feelings and that only sensitive men who were “in touch with their feminine side” could. While my husband is anything but sensitive and he’s truly a man’s man, we both value open and honest communication. It has been such a wonderful asset to our relationship.

65. …he doesn’t embarrass easily. One summer I visited my husbo (we were just dating then) in Washington, DC. I guess I miscalculated the arrival of Aunt Flo because that heifer sure did pack her things, catch a flight and crash my vacation. I had to send hubby to the store to pick up feminine products and I felt so horrible about it. He couldn’t understand what the big deal was about him buying feminine products for me. He said, “I’m sure the cashier knows they’re not for me. Who cares? Now what brand do you want? Do you want the ones with wings?” Now the wings part was a joke because he grew up in a household full of women and was well aware of the various types of sanitary products. It was a complete nightmare for me, but also showed me his level of maturity.

66. …he likes to try new things. This is definitely something we both have in common and it has been great, as long as I’ve known him, for us to share some of our “firsts” together. One of the most memorable “new things” that we tried together was snorkeling on our honeymoon. Some of you might remember reading this story…and if you do, you know it’s memorable because I almost killed us both on our little honeymoon snorkeling adventure.

67. …he respects authority. Hubby has been pulled over more than once for speeding (reason # 734 I won’t let him get a motorcycle) and whenever he has…right or wrong…he is always very respectful and courteous to the officer. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that two of his uncles are State Troopers, but I still like that he knows how to behave calmly in this situation.

68. …he initiated a talk with my mom about health concerns. Before we were married my hubby and I discussed the potential for some very life changing events that could come up after marriage, namely, what would happen to my mom as she gets older. I was surprised at how compassionate and understanding he was about the whole thing. Last year when she visited us he took it upon himself to discuss the plans and decisions she has made as she ages. I found it very entertaining that he told her…yes I said he TOLD her…that if her health ever gets to the point that she is unable to care for herself she is going to move to whatever city we live in so that we can properly look after her. I sat in on these conversations, but he definitely initiated them. He wants to prepare to make this transition as smooth as possible for our family, but I really had no idea he’d even be willing to assume responsibility for the care of his mother in law. Definitely a keeper!

69. …is very neat. My hubby always keeps his surrounding very neat. I remember when he had an apartment with his roommate in college their place was always very neat. I definitely expected it to turn into your typical bachelor’s pad, but it never did. I have never had to clean up after my husband, except the fact that he leaves his shoes all over the place, but I don’t complain because most of the time hubby has to clean up after me. #lazywife #notreally #okay #sometimes #ugh #tired #excuses #imtryingtodobetter *hangs head in shame*

70. …he doesn’t laugh at me when I break out into song and dance when I’m excited. What can I say…I’m a huge nerd. I have one other friend who joins me in these endeavors…but we usually break out into song and dance together when we are eating some really good food. Hubby just shakes his head and says under his breath, “I married a crazy woman.” :) I love the way he allows me to feel like I can be me around him.

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2 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 64-70)

  1. Tolu Fakehinde says:

    1. He respects my opinions
    2. He cares a lot for me,sometimes I wonder why he’s concerned.he calls me at every point in time when we’re not together
    3. He is highly responsible for the family,he doesn’t mind spending hist last cash just to ensure that everyone is fine
    4.He loves and cherishes both his family and mine
    5.He places me highly both in and out of the home
    6. He corrects me when I do something wrong and he won’t stop till I get it right.
    7 He dosent mind cooking or sweeping when I’m not feeling too well, he would go to any length to ensure that I’m fine.
    8. He is a very neat man
    9. He’s highly dedicated to his job and will not cease to do things rightly
    10. He is a positive influence on his siblings both young and old

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Beautiful! I love it! You are surely a blessed lady!!!

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