365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 57-63)

The reason I married my husband is…

57. …he knows how to be honest, but tender. Like a lot of women, I am guilty of asking my hubby if the outfit I’ve selected for a particular day/occasion makes me look fat. Now I know I’m not fat, but we all have those days when we aren’t particularly happy with the way we look. Whenever I ask my hubby about my chosen look he always answers me honestly, but in a way that also reminds me that I have the power to change the way I look (with diet and exercise) if I’m not happy. I love that he feels comfortable enough to give me his honest assessment and that he knows how to do it in a way that preserves my feelings, but encourages me to take responsibility.

58. …he has a “do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do” attitude. That should be self explanatory. I’m learning how to adopt this phrase and apply it to my own life little by little.

59. …he will buy anyone food if they are hungry. If he’s got it then you’ve got it. I have seen my hubby walk up to complete strangers (who were obviously homeless) and offer to buy them something too eat. He can’t stand to see someone in need. He’s always mindful of the fact that any of us could be a layoff or one paycheck away from being in a similar predicament.

60. …he knows how to dress. One of the things that attracted me to my hubby, back when we were dating as teenagers, was the fact that he never dressed according to trends. As a young man he never did the baggy/saggy jeans, over sized t-shirts or any other fashion trend that fell into typical hip hop culture. He has always had his own since of style, which I would describe as neat, fitted, sexy and confident. He looks amazing in a suit and tuxedo…I had to stop myself from jumping his bones all night at our wedding reception.

61. …he truly believes I have the power of persuasion. This probably goes hand in hand with him having full confidence in me, but you’d have a hard time convincing my husband otherwise. Let me explain. Before we were married, I used to call my car insurance company every time the new bill for the 6 months arrived. I called on his behalf as well and was able to get us both reduced rates. Just yesterday I was able to get Progressive to drop the price of our policy another $75. I’ve tried to explain to him that all you have to do is just call and ask them to work with you, but he’s convinced I can persuade people to reduce the price and give me free stuff. I’ve always been able to get the best rates at hotels and negotiate costs for just about anything. At the beginning of summer I managed to get the lady at Saks to give me 40% off of a $400 Furla bag. I think it’s cute that he believes I have the power to save us money. I really don’t…I think people just like me.

62. …he has a can do attitude. If you want to motivate my husband just tell him anything that he “can’t” do. He will definitely prove you wrong.

63. …he makes me smile. I don’t know how or even what it is exactly, but I’m usually just in a better mood when he’s around.

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12 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 57-63)

  1. Naomi says:

    I love this series! I'm totally tweeting and blogging about it.

  2. I totally dig this. I love the determination piece. Determination+discernment=backbone of functional masculinity. WHOO get 'em!
    My recent post Functional Masculinity (7 of 7: Summary)

  3. YUMMommy says:

    Nothing like a man who can dress. I'm glad that my husband isn't into the whole baggy look or fads in general.
    My recent post Thankful Thursday

  4. I love that you're doing this. It reminds me to stop and appreciate my husband for all he does instead of getting too caught up in our busy lives and letting everything go unnoticed.
    My recent post If my kid does a cute dance, will you vote for me on Blogger Idol?

  5. I so appreciate you writing these posts. Women need to see and hear that they can be treat like you from your husband. It also shows that I don't have to give in and I don't have to settle. It makes me continue to fight off the garbage and the bull crap. Thank you so much!!!!

    I would serioulsly like to promote this series please let me know how I can help

    My recent post Thankful Thursday!

    • The Student says:

      Awe thanks! Just tell you readers and friends. You definitely don't have to settle and even if you feel like you are struggling in marriage you have to find some positive reasons that help keep you in the marriage. I encourage everyone to look deeply and remind themselves why they decided to take this journey in the first place. It's good for your self esteem and especially for the spouse who gets to be reminded of all the reasons the other spouse chose them.

  6. Ok, Jocelyn I have read all these posts. My spirit seriously needed to read all of them about why you love your husband. All the things I have read it is like you are writing about the man I desire. I have said all of these things were what I needed and wanted. You know what I would get back…"There is no one out there like that. Who are you to think you deserve that? What makes you so special?" That is from someone I was seriously dating. It is like all those things I would say he would have the negative to say. And the thing about the car maintance.. this man fixes cars and would let mine breakdown before he fixed, depending if he were mad about something did or didn't.
    My recent post Thankful Thursday!

  7. Besides him my friends would say the same thing, "There is no man that is that good. Blah Blah Blah" Nobody believes in that a man can be like that. Since I"ve never been married and I am almost 40 it feels more and more like the man my heart has been waiting for is not out there or he aint looking for me. But your post give me hope. Because if God can do it for you he can do it for me.

    My recent post Empowerment Time!

    • The Student says:

      Don't get me wrong…it's not always cookies and cream over hear, but I decided to change my attitude and look at the positive things about our marriage. Once I started looking deep enough and intentionally appreciating all of the wonderful things about my hubby…I knew I could come up with 365 great reasons I married this guy.

      You are absolutely right…God can do anything as long as you are putting yourself in a position to receive his blessings. Starts with obedience to Him! Blessings love!

  8. Debra Saad says:

    There are lots of reasons to keep the marriage strong. But the most important recipe for the successful marriage is love, trust and respect.

    My recent post Luxury Ski Chalets

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