365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 50-56)

The reason I married my husband is…

50. …he understands my worth. While we were in premarital counseling we spent a session discussing a woman’s worth to God (Proverbs 31:10). His homework assignment for that counseling session was to write a letter to me, the described my worth in the eyes of God. What a beautiful letter it was! He understands the value that God has placed on women and looks to that standard for the value he should place on his own wife.

51. …he has full confidence in me (Proverbs 31:11). My hubby is confident in my decision making skills and often considers my opinion on financial and other matters of our home. He understands that the way I speak, dress and behave as his wife represent him as the man of our house. He has confidence that the way I represent him will cause others to respect him (Proverbs 31:23).

52. …he doesn’t believe in divorce. While the word of God does site two biblical reasons a couple can become divorced, my hubby has informed me that he intends to fight for his marriage at all costs.

53. …we don’t have problems with our in-laws (even before we got married). One lesson my grandmother taught me about marriage was to keep your business in your own house. My hubby totally agrees with Granny’s leave and cleave principle (Genesis 2:24). We never involve our family in our problems and if we have disagreements we work them out among ourselves. It’s been the best way to not only preserve and strengthen our relationship, but to eliminate our contribution to family conflict.

54. …he treats me with respect. Now I know this should be a given in any relationship, but the Bible gives husbands a little extra incentive to show respect to their wives. I Peter 3:7 clearly states that there is a possibility that a man’s prayers can be hindered based on his treatment of his wife. Look it up!

55. …he affirms me in front of other people. Now, my primary love language is not words of affirmation. It’s not even my secondary love language, but it does feel nice to hear my hubby say nice things about me to his friends and loved ones. Thanks babe! Husbands and wives…try it! Benefits untold. *wink*

56. …he tries his best to be accommodating to my needs. Every woman has needs (I’m not talking about sex…well not solely). A woman needs to feel loved and every woman perceives love differently. Have you ever taken the time to find out if the way you give love is the way your spouse perceives it? Take the 5 Love Languages assessment to discover you Love Language(s). My hubby studies my needs and does his best to live in understanding and consideration of those needs (1 Peter 3:7).

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3 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 50-56)

  1. Couple typos (Reason #52 and your links)…I love the affirmation language. I would do it to "The Duck" in-person but you know that's not feasible right this moment. But I do brag on her and I do let her know I'm doing it. She'll ask "What for?" And I'll reply, "It's the truth" or "You're worth it" A lotta men don't see the power in that…and even more so when it's genuine.

    This is definitely a part of any man's functional masculinity. My prayer for you and "The Husband" (or whatever his alias is on this blog LOL) is that you never EVER run out of blog topics. :) Keep up the good work!

    My recent post Functional Masculinity (7 of 7: Summary)

  2. YUMMommy says:

    I agree that is does feel great to hear your spouse speak highly of you in front of others. And likewise, I think keeping family out of your relationship is a great idea.
    My recent post Romance Wednesday: Love Letters

  3. nylse says:

    i look forward to this list and make mental notes in my head (i.e. i have the same reasons, well not all but most). i'm liking #55 alot
    My recent post Independence

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