365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 29-35)

Guess what?!?! It’s Thursday so that means I’m continuing on my journey to list 365 reasons I married my hubster! I know that in order for us to have a marriage that lasts “til death do us part” we’re going to have to work hard to remember all of those little things about each other that we just can’t live without. You can check out reasons 1-28 by clicking here but in the mean time, here are 7 more reasons I knew that my husband was the one.

I married my husband because…

29. …we truly believed in God’s ability to restore our relationship. Three weeks before our wedding we were incredibly broken as a couple. I call it Satan’s final attempt to try to destroy what God brought together. After much prayer we were able to pull through and our surrender to His will is what got us through that difficult time.

30. …he never gets sick. Okay, call it good genes or the fact that he eats well or that in general he’s very health conscious, but because I’m a believer in the influence of genetics on our progeny. I think that choosing a husband with a good immune system was essential for our future offspring. In terms of science and evolution it just makes sense (yes, I am a Christian and yes, I do believe in evolution; I’ll blog about it someday). Unconsciously, our minds think scientifically in terms of it being obvious for us to be attracted to a mate with whom we have the best chance at producing healthy offspring. Survival of the species (fittest). My science folk will understand. Don’t worry folks, I know that I said “in sickness and in health” and I meant it. LOL!

31. …he can cook and bake. My husband doesn’t regularly cook and neither do I (and I feel like a complete failure at being a wife because I don’t cook). Good thing is that hubby can cook. His specialties include baked pork chops and rice, seasoned shrimp lightly sauteed in grape seed and OMG, his sweet potato pie will make you want to slap your mama!

32. …he hardly ever complains. No, I’m serious. I think he has some mantra about not complaining. When it comes to tough situations he’s more of a solutions type of man. He doesn’t see how complaining helps a situation. He has definitely inspired me not to complain as much.

33. …he knows how to be silly. My husband is usually a very serious and professional person. He enjoys discussing the economy and politics (boring!!!). There are those times though when we’ll spend the entire day just being silly. We’ll joke around with each other most of the day and say and do silly things to and with one another. I married the man with whom I can revisit my childhood. You should see us running though the house kickboxing or towel fighting. Hilarious!

34. …he always worried. Now I know that sounds strange, but according to my husband his job is never finished. He is always thinking about his next move, ways to reach his goals and his concern for path of his leadership for our marriage. Part of what I love about this is that he’s never content which means he’ll never be complacent and for me this is incredibly attractive.

35. …he’s pretty protective. Not overprotective, just protective. He always lets me know where he’s going, when he’s planning to come back or even if there are changes in the plan. I offer him the same courtesy because he insisted that even before we were married that we should be responsible for the other’s whereabouts. I totally agree. Our “Where in the world is my husband/wife?” arrangement adds a great sense of security to our relationship.

What are a few reasons you got married? How did you know your hubby or wife was “The One?” What advice do you have for keeping the love alive in your marriage? If you aren’t married, what qualities are you looking for in a spouse?

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8 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Reasons 29-35)

  1. nylse says:

    the good thing about this list is that when your 10 plus years or when things get tough (as they surely do) in you can look back and remember all the good things… please send me your email(its no where on your blog)
    My recent post Family Devotions

    • The Student says:

      Hi Nylse! You can email me at jocelyn (at) scienceofmarriageblog (dot) com. Also, there is a link to "contact me" on my navigation bar as well as a email social media button with a email link on my sidebar (the little pink and grey flasks right above my bloglovin link). That button allows you to email me directly. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
      My recent post 365 Reasons I Married My Husband Reasons 29-35

  2. Rach says:

    you are blessed! I love reading your blogs. Continue to let the Lord use you. Kickboxing haha. You shoould call me sometime. I see something in you.

  3. Man! I wish my hubby never got sick. You're a lucky girl (and your kids will be lucky, too!)
    My recent post Raise your hand if you think Im selfish and just need to use my head

  4. I love this post. Most mean don't wanna tell where they're going or doing even if it is just to the store. They feel like they are whipped if they do. Sounds like your man is mature and sure of who he is as man.
    My recent post Empowerment Time!

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