365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Numbers 15-21) Plus A Blog Hop

This week, as promised, I’ll not only give you a list of 7 additional reasons I knew my hubby was the one with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life, but I’m going to ask you to participate in this journey with me by Blogging Responsively. Every Thursday after I give you my list, I’m going to ask you to blog about something that challenges you to discover something new about your marriage. This is a fun way for all of my fellow wife bloggers to interact and give one another comment love. You can thank Charli over at Man Wife and Dog Blog for the inspiration and letting me borrow her idea. If you like this idea you can also participate in the Love Homework assignments over at her blog. Lastly, a special thanks goes out to Charli for creating this Fab Button below.

Click here to check out reasons 1- 14 and in the mean time, here are 7 more reasons I married my husband…

15 …he tips generously. I don’t know if this is because my husband worked in food service during college or if he enjoys showing his appreciation for good service, but I find this behavior very attractive.

16 …he rubs my feet without me having to ask. Sometimes when my hubby is sitting on the couch and I’m laying at the other end he just starts massaging my feet. I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose or if he’s just doing it because my feet are already on his lap, but I greatly appreciate when that the “foot rubbing spirit” hits him.

17 …he listens to me gripe about anything without trying to offer a solution. Ladies I know complain that when they are stressed and want to “talk” about their problems with their significant other, rather than listen (men…that’s what we want you to do), they try to  offer a solution to the problem. Most times, women don’t want a solution, they just want to talk. My hubby always lends me an attentive ear.

18. …he gives the best hugs. I’m not typically a very affectionate person, but I have to hug my husband at least twice a day. I feel lost without his touch. What I like most about his hugs is that they come without (most of the time) a hint that sex to always needs to follow. I think woman need nonsexual touch from our mates. It’s nice to know that when we put our arms around one another we genuinely enjoy just being close to each other.

19. …he brings me holiday/birthday breakfast. The last time was Easter Sunday. My husband woke up early and went to McDonald’s and brought me back a sausage and egg biscuit. I have one every Sunday morning before church. We didn’t attend on Easter Sunday (we volunteered our usual seats to the CME members), but hubby was thoughtful enjoy to go and get my favorite Sunday morning fatty treat. He woke me with a McDonald’s bag and a “Happy Easter Babe.” Such as sweetie!

20. …he plans a date at least once a week. Even if it’s just a movie or dinner he makes sure that our common love language, quality time, is met. Our lives and schedules are pretty busy, but it makes me feel so loved when makes plans for us to spend time together.

21. …he calls his grandmother. Hubby calls his grandma at least once a week so see how she’s doing. They have a pretty close relationship. He understands how important it is to maintain a bond with family even across the miles.

So now that you know my 7 additional reasons for marrying my hubby I wan to introduce you to the rules for the Blogging Responsively Blog Hop:

1) Stop by Science of Marriage Blog on Thursday for updates on this week’s Blogging Responsively assignment. If it’s something you’d like to try, do so, then blog about it sometime that week.

2) You must include the 365 Reasons I Married My husband badge at the bottom of each post so that other wife bloggers can easily identify each other and to help get the word out!

3) Grab the link hop party code for each post by clicking “Get The Code Here” and place it in the bottom of your post using the html editor. This allows you to get links of other bloggers who have participated in Blogging Responsively!

4) Come back and add a link to your “Blogging Responsively” post in the link party beneath that week’s assignment post.

5) Visit the other “Blogging Responsively” posts and give these other gals some comment love.

6) Remember to insert the badge into your post by copying and pasting the badge code below into your html post editor. After that…you’re all done. Enjoy!



For this weeks Blogging Responsively let’s take a look in the mirror and try to see what our husbands saw when they chose us as wives. I want you to describe 3 reasons you feel your husband chose you to be his wife. Share these reasons with him (and us) and let’s see if you’re correct. If not, what 3 reasons does your hubby give for choosing you to be his wife? I hope your self-esteem flies through the roof from hearing his answers.

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29 Responses to 365 Reasons I Married My Husband (Numbers 15-21) Plus A Blog Hop

  1. Nelson says:

    The venting/dumping think I need to work on…reading into when she needs counel and when she needs my ear. Great work.

  2. 1acgriffin says:

    Wow…365 reasons? I'm up for the challenge! We're in a bit of a storm so giving this a shot might give me the positive outlook I need to continue to push forward. I am eager to read more of your blog and learn as much as possible.

    Thank you for being a Faithful Blogger like me!

  3. n0ellee says:

    it's all so sweet!!! While reading your post, I was thinking about my fiance! :)
    My recent post Free Workbook – How to Write a Communication Plan

  4. I think #21 is VERY important! gotta call the grams! #comenthour
    My recent post What are your favorite apps

  5. Love #21. It's a great man who recognizes the importance of family! Cant wait to read more of your blog after #commenthour.

  6. @jordynrose_ says:

    I really like this- I am not married but I know my boyfriend is the one. What a great way to show your love for him and is also interesting to read.
    My recent post random finds this week

  7. larsinnh says:

    This is a great series, love it!

  8. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person and I love that you have taken the time to appreciate all these little things about him!
    so important to appreciate the little things because that is what makes a marriage work.
    My recent post I Cant Trust Her

  9. Jessica says:

    Such a great series. Maybe I should start thinking about my list….
    My recent post On Memorial Day

  10. Morgana says:

    It's great to see someone else that can think proactively about marriage.

  11. Branson says:

    These posts are so sweet! :)
    My recent post Garden Party

  12. April says:

    this post is super sweet- sounds like you have an amazing guy there!

  13. Jami Graham says:

    I'm coming over from the party! I already loved your blog though!!
    My recent post Gender Reveal Party attempt 1 A BIG FAT FAIL

  14. #17 Love that your husband listens, without offering to fix things! A lot of men are clueless about this.

    Here from #commenthour. :)
    My recent post Get a clue

    • The Student says:

      Thanks for stopping by. It if definitely hard to find. He grew up in a household with a lot of females so I think he's learned quite a lot. My undying gratitude goes out to those ladies!

  15. #17… wow! That's hard to find in a man! :-)

    I love this idea… and think it may be a wonderful gift for my husband… a list of 365 reasons why I love him. Thanks for the idea… and for your wonderful blog!
    My recent post A Lovely Find

  16. @uhgirl says:

    aww so sweet!! :)

  17. Aww, all great reasons for marrying your husband. it's the little things that count right?
    My recent post Fun And Learning Through Summer Reading Programs

  18. Miranda says:

    So great! Love the once a week date night. #commenthour
    My recent post Whats In Season- June- and a Revisit to Strawberry Pie

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  20. The Student says:

    Yup. I entered into this covenant "til death" and I intend to do everything I can to keep it that way. I want my hubby to know that I love him, my heart is completely open and when he's having his worse day he'll know that he is the person who means the most to me…and a list of reasons why!

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