Dear Husband: I Just Want to Say Thank You

Dear Husband,

I need to let you know, this morning you did something for me that gave me a sense of overwhelming spiritual intimacy with you. I need to let you know how appreciative I am of what you did and how much it means to me that my spiritual growth is a priority for you. Since Ash Wednesday (March 9th) and until Good Friday (April 22) we will observe the Holy Season of Lent by fasting from 6am to 6pm, spending time with God in prayer and reading/meditating on scripture. This takes a lot of discipline as this season is marked by commitments of sacrifice and surrender.

As you may know, last night I stayed up late working on a blog post about What I’ve Learned in Our 1st Year of Marriage. I ended up getting to bed pretty late and you and I both know, I have a hard time getting up in the mornings. It has been especially difficult for the past couple of weeks during our season of sacrifice because we get up a 5am to have breakfast and spend time with God, and as you know this is WAY before my normal wake hour. Most mornings I am so sleepy I can hardly make it out of the bed and I understand that’s my fault because I’m a night owl. This morning was no different. I contemplated skipping our breakfast and just staying in bed. I knew that the consequence would be that I would (1) not have anything to eat all day and be especially hungry, (2) be severely challenged/weakened in my commitment to fast and (3) I would not be spending quality time this morning with God as planned.

So what do you have to do with all of this husband? I’ll tell you. This morning when the alarm clock went off I ignored it. You got up as you usually do and proceeded to get ready for work, or so I thought. Instead of getting up I rolled right back over and thought to myself as I began to fall back asleep, “I can go one day without having breakfast at 5am. It won’t be too bad.” Approximately 20 minutes later, you came bursting into our bedroom and forced me out of my slumber. You were fussing at me about how its not your fault that I don’t go to bed a reasonable hour and that I needed to get up right then and go have my breakfast so that today wouldn’t be especially terrible in terms of my hunger. I have to tell you, I love you for that and I want to thank you for being my accountability partner through this journey. The thing that really touched me was that you had prepared a simple breakfast of jelly toast and a sliced orange for me. You know that my primary love language is “acts of service.” This morning husband you nailed it! I appreciate you taking time out of your morning to prepare this breakfast for me. I viewed this act as a sincere expression of your love for me. Not only did this act remind me how much you love me, but it also reminded me that my relationship with God is important to you. Had you not woken me up this morning I would have missed the opportunity to spend time with God in prayer. I thank you for helping to facilitate this. I thank you for striving to love me in the way that I perceive love. I thank you for taking some of the burden of the morning off of me today. I appreciate you and you know that if I could I would pay you to do the things you do for me, even though I know you’d never let me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love and respect you for all that you do.

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6 Responses to Dear Husband: I Just Want to Say Thank You

  1. The New Model Housewife says:

    Good Luck with the fasting, I hope it is a really good experience for you.

  2. ManWifeDog says:

    Wow that fasting sounds rough. Best of luck! You know I'm all about the dear husband letter – ha! Love this!
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  3. Denise says:

    Awww, I love this! Praise God for Godly marriages!
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  4. Leslie Wright says:

    Praise God & awesome!!

  5. I love that! You guys look after each other, which is huge. And how thoughtful of him to make you breakfast and keep your commitment.
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